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ESI History and Experience 

In 1984, Mike Nelson, the CEO and Founder of ESI, relocated to Wellington while in the banking industry specializing in real estate lending and disposal of non-performing assets with creative and effective solutions welcomed by developers, his bank clients and State and Federal regulatory agencies, hence the name “Effective Solutions, Inc.”

Michael H. Nelson

During that time Mr. Nelson obtained the respect of the development and legal community as well as the municipalities, various regulatory and governmental agencies he worked with and through to accomplish real estate liquidations.

Knowledge and Commitment to Our Clients

With the knowledge and experience gained during his banking years Mr. Nelson successfully assisted many developers and buyers who purchased non-performing assets and needed representation with some of the same banks and agencies.

ESI is unique in the Consulting Industry as not only can they help you determine an effective solution and game plan to meet your real estate needs, they can also follow-up with management and supervision of your project to insure it meets your goals.






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