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Development clients: ESI has served as consultants, for more than 10 years, to the two largest land owners and developers in Wellington and has consulted and advocated land use changes that have allowed the Competition Equestrian Industry to remain and grow as the economic engine of Wellington. In addition, Mr. Nelson is consulting on the best uses of non-performing golf course properties to create new use concepts beneficial to both the Village of Wellington and the business community. ESI has been involved with the vast majority of development projects in Wellington as a consultant or advocate. ESI has saved their clients considerable sums of money as ESI has the knowledge and experience to know what land uses are allowed and what needs to be done to obtain new entitlements for different land uses if the Client desires.

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Building clients: ESI has a complete understanding of land use, construction, and permitting saving both time and money as you work through the applications as required by the numerous regulatory agencies.

Legal clients: ESI serves as an information source to some of the leading Law Firms in Palm Beach County regarding Wellington and has served the legal community as both an Expert Witness and Fact Witness in numerous lawsuits regarding Wellington properties and issues, some still ongoing.

Advocacy clients: ESI has a very successful advocacy practice helping businesses and clients who wish their issues understood and communicated to those regulatory agencies or groups that might have an adverse position to their goals.

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